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Interactive Playground for R Packages: Part 1

In this post, I will show you how to create interactive playgrounds for R packages using AngularJS and OpenCPU. I will use the live playground application that I created for rCharts to illustrate the basic idea, which can easily be extended to other packages.

rblocks Package v 0.1

This is a revised post on rblocks, based on some excellent suggestions from Hadley Wickham, Paul Murell and others, on how to enrich the visual representation of data structures. I have also combined some `d3js` goodness, that you can see towards the end of the post! Read on, if this interests you!

Verbatim Chunks in R Markdown

This is a short post on how to print knitr code chunks verbatim, preserving all the markup along with chunk options. It extends an idea posted by Yihui in his knitr-examples repo.


This is a post on my experiment at trying to create a visual tool to teach R. It is motivated by the highly talked about ipythonblocks.

NVD3 with rCharts

This is a short tutorial on using NVD3 with rCharts to create interactive visualizations.